Roxane comes to you and to cast you in the convenience of your own home on a schedule that works for you (and your partner).

She brings all the materials required to do the Baby Belly Casting, including drop sheets to protect your floor. The basic Baby Belly Casting is left with you to dry (usually takes 2-3 days to fully cure) to hang and enjoy. If you wanted the Baby Belly Casting painted or modified in any way, it would be taken to the studio for finishing and then returned to you when completed.

There are many variations to this process and the ideas are as endless as your imagination. Allow yourself to think of imaginative ways to decorate or display your piece.

The focus of Baby Belly Casting is to help you create a visually memorable experience from a special time in your life. Baby Belly Casting is here to work with you to achieve that goal.

We can also include your partner in the process by including his/her hand on mommy’s belly during casting, for example.

The basic plaster bandage casting is done with strips of medical grade plaster bandages and are cooling to the skin as it dries. Generous amounts of Vaseline are used to create a protective barrier between the skin and the plaster cast, which allows the casting to easily slip off the belly when dry. By the time the last strip of plaster is laid across your belly the first strip is dry and the casting ready to be removed. Hanging loops are fastened into the inside of your casting, allowing for ribbon, wire, rope or whatever you choose to use to be run through the holes and the casting hung for display.


Basic Baby Belly Plaster cast
Basic Baby Belly Plaster cast - month by month (3+)
Baby Bits - Hand & Foot Casting Kits
Baby Bits - Hand & Foot Print Kits

Special Finishing Services
Finishing processes are subject to studio scheduling for finishing and production and are priced according to each individual project and current material costs.

Sanded & Whitewashed finish
Painted imagery or decorative finishes
Photographic superimposed images
Fine Art Castings in Glass, Bronze, Aluminum, Plaster,
Concrete etc…

As each casting is as unique as each mother, please call Roxane at (416-836-9243) or send email to discuss individual pricing options.